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Agmaio Meet the new Agario! The multiplayer Agmaio game absorbed all the best that was in the famous predecessor, and added unique opportunities. Now you can produce an unlimited number of bots and with them to win back your living space. To be original and different from the competition will help the numerous skins that make the Agma io game incredibly bright and colorful. Participation of players from different parts of the world, chatting with them, creating their own groups and rating table all this is there too. If you want to earn the maximum number of points and rise in the top, take advantage of bonuses, always raise your level and destroy your opponents. It's easy to play. The rules are repeated. You need to grow yourself, and eat others. The game will not only cheer and cheer you up, but will also help you find friends and like-minded people from different countries and continents. Have fun and have fun. Good luck!