5 vote, 5.0 / 5 You will be able to play the game, one of the best multiplayer games! is a multiplayer game in which you have to fight to be the last survivor. Created by Sidney de Vries (the creator of and Vincent de Vries, immerses you in a kind of arena located in the woods of a forest where players clash until he only one remains. The games are quite short (if you connect during a game, you will not be able to join it, you will only be a spectator and will have to wait for it to end) and their progress is quite simple: look for a weapon, attack your opponents and find a strategy to survive. Bonuses (contained in the blue boxes with the question mark) can allow you to increase your health, your speed or your defense. If you are injured, look for first aid kits in the red boxes (with a cross). To kill the other players, you have at your disposal a quantity of weapons quite varied presenting for each its advantages and disadvantages. Some weapons allow you to target and attack your enemies from a distance (such as a gun, rifle, machine gun, or bow), but their ammo is limited. Others are much more powerful (like the sword or the hammer), but they require a fight with the body to reach your opponent (which makes you more vulnerable to an attack on his part). During the game, the arena narrows, it is symbolized by a red frame that will make you lose life points if you touch it. The further the game, the more it forces the players to get closer to each other, which obviously ends up increasing the probability of a confrontation to death. Note that is still in beta. Do not hesitate to report any bug encountered with game developers.