4 vote, 5.0 / 5 Today we want to introduce you to the exciting new multiplayer game. In this unblocked game, you and I have to fight as a part of the team against other players using small caliber varieties. At the beginning of the game you and your team will find you in a place full of various objects. Your task is to find a shelter and watch the players of the other team. Bring your weapons to them, apparently capture the enemy and shoot to kill. But do not stop. If you do not have your privacy removed, change your layout. After a while you can see how different bonus points are, like first aid kit or other weapons. collect those that will destroy the enemy more effectively. Shoot at a distance with the terrorists at! This clever adventure will take you to urban wars. During the training, you will learn to aim, shoot and hide your enemies. Go to war in an office, a used factory or a train station! is an online multiplayer action game with bad burglars or nice police players! Stay behind your defenses and get rockets to fight your opponent! Be careful of your health so as not to gain advantage to the enemy team!