5 vote, 4.2 / 5 Welcome to the game. Mopeio is a multi-player, browser-based game. Here you can play together with other players from around the world. There are many servers in the vote and you can choose what you want. At the beginning of the game you will have a choice between the two animals mouse and shrimp. Choose a monster that will be suitable for pumping and fighting! In Mope io on the map, there are land and water alternatives. Water animals will feel great in the water, but on land they will quickly drain water resources. Water animals are usually pumped faster. Both land and water animals in the water feel great. They just do not move so fast in the water. Any animal can dive in the ocean and land flats on land. At the bottom of the game there are two bands small and big. A small bar is a sign of your character's water. If the water of your animal is exhausted, it will die. To avoid this, you must collect blue circles or go to the pond. If the road to the water is too long, you can throw some water on the land and eat it when you travel, so you will not disappear. However, a large group is a sign of mass. You can develop as a larger animal, a water animal, or a land animal than the first animal, as the red rings fill the food. Your dietary will change even more if you change your character. For example, after a mouse or shrimp, it may become a rabbit. Then not only eat strawberries, but also eat rats and shrimp. The better an animal is pumped, the more dietary it will have. But remember, you must be the victim of the most colorful monster, so do not come across them in your teeth. Personality, cunning and evolution will make you a winner. Enjoy the game!