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1 vote, 5.0 / 5 Unblocked First it was and its curious approach to glotone cells. Then, has conquered the whole world with snakes and their fun playing techniques. Now seems the next bet to draw the attention of gamers passionate about online multiplayer titles. Wings io Of course, this time it is about airplanes and it is much more complex and agile than the other two games. The Wingsio title puts us at the controls of a war fighter on a stage, at the moment, quite limited in the middle of the ocean. There is no mission beyond surviving as long as possible and getting the best score we are capable of. So far nothing complicated. For this, the mouse is used, directing the aircraft in the direction in which it is aimed and without the possibility of slowing or accelerating the march. All this avoiding falling too much into the water, or moving away from the lateral margins of the mapping. And, whenever possible, collecting the coins distributed in the sky that will increase our score. Agree.